Chingodo Hall
The principle image of Chingodo Hall is commonly known as Otanuki-sama (tanuki = raccoon dog), a deity believed to protect people and their homes from calamities like fire and theft. As such the hall is an object of great devotion for the people.
   This tradition is said to have begun when head priest Yuiga Shoshun declared the raccoon dogs living on the temple grounds the guardians of Demboin in 1883, following an omen that came to him in a dream. The current Chingodo Hall was built in 1913. A large festival is held every year on March 17 to give thanks to this protector deity.
   A statue of Mizuko Jizo was erected in the vicinity of Chingodo Hall in 1978. “Mizuko” refers to unborn children or infants who have died. A Buddhist memorial service is held here to pray for these children on the 24th of each month at 10:00 a.m.
photo Chingodo Hall
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